Historical Data

The Cigales began functioning as such in 1991, a Youth misleading however, because as stated documented as early as the tenth century vineyard owners appear in different municipalities of the region as Cubillas or Corcos.

The first inhabitants of the region were the vacceos subjected by the Romans in the second century. C.; arrive later invasions barbarous Germans and Arabs. The reconquest brought people from other regions who mixed their blood with isolated groups of survivors, giving rise to the existing population today.

These lands preserved many traces of a glorious past. Numerous castles punctuate their municipalities, as Trigueros del Valle, Fuensaldaña-today the headquarters of the Castile and Leon or Mucientes, where Juana La Loca remained.

Next to the castle, and when they would consolidate peace, began to extended the vineyards, especially property of the monasteries, which needed wine for both worship and for his private consumption.

Duenas, in the palace of the Counts of Buendia was Ferdinand disguised mule driver to meet Isabel and prepare betrothal and there turned back when widowed to join Germana de Foix. In Cigales extutores clashed valid and Alfonso XI “the Just”; reconciled Pedro I “The Cruel” with his bastard brothers, and so did the Infantes Juan II of Aragon.

Wines from Cigales achieved great fame in Spain and abroad. When phylloxera invaded French vineyards wines Cigales They came to Bordeaux to meet own in Gaul.

The importance that once had this wine region, suffice it to say that in 1888 and produced more than 15 million kilos of grapes.

The September 29, 2011 published in the BOCYL out the Order AYG/1197/2011, 22 September, by which the new regulation of the Designation of Origin ‘Cigales’ and its Regulating Board were approved.

This new law authorizes the production of white wines, sparkling and sweet, after several years of proven experience that have ratified the quality of these innovative working in Cigales. In addition, experimental varieties of Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah become part of the supplementary to the main varieties which is the Tempranillo, Garnacha and along with white varieties Viura and Verdejo Albillo, both have had to do with our historic and renowned pink.

Geographical Location

The region of Cigales protecting the PDO is spans the northern sector of the Duero depression, a area of ​​574 km2, on both banks of the river Pisuerga.

The vineyards are located at an average altitude of 750 meters, ranging from part of the municipality of Valladolid (Payment “El Berrocal”) to Palencia Dueñas, including further Stubborn of Pisuerga, Cigales, Corcos Valley, Cubillas Santa Marta, Fuensaldana, Mucientes, Quintanilla de Trigueros, San Martin de Valvení, Trigueros Valoria Valley and the Good.

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