Bodega Agricola Castellana

Bodega Agricola Castellana, also known as Bodegas Cuatro Rayas, was founded in 1935. 75 years of history and effort have made Cuatro Rayas the reference in Spanish white wines today.

Today, Cuatro Rayas produces over 20% of the wine bottled from the Rueda appellation, making it the largest producer with an annual production level of 15 million bottles.  Its wines, drawn mainly from the Verdejo varietal, lead white wine consumption in Spain and also have a large following in foreign markets, with a presence in over 40 countries, including Japan, China, United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Holland, and Mexico.


King Felipe VI of Spain

Protected by the fertile waters of the Duero River, the D.O. Rueda is situated at an altitude of between 700 and 850 meters and is subject to long, cold winters, short springs with late frosts, and hot summers.  The D.O. Rueda counts on a factor more scientific than miraculous: the difference between daytime and night-time temperatures, which is the secret to the balance between the sugar –which the vine produces thanks to the sun – and the acidity that is not lost thanks to the low nightly temperatures.  The vineyards of Cuatro Rayas get approximately 2,600 hours of sunshine a year.

The vineyard basically sits on typically terraced land, with a sandy loam structure. The first 30 cm are composed of pebbly and sandy ground. Beyond 30 cm is a high concentration of clay. They are soils poor in organic material and very hot due to the high concentration of pebbles and sand in the top layers.

Among its 2,100 hectares, the winery has a small portion of centuries-old vineyards planted in bush vine or rootstock and largely pre-phylloxera.  This area, with a smaller output, is harvested manually. From these carefully tended grapes comes Cuatro Rayas Centennial Vineyards, the “whim” of our winemaker, Angel Calleja, a Verdejo in all its splendor.  This wine, commemorating the Winery’s 75th Anniversary, is a high-end offering recommended and recognized by the most prestigious global tastemakers.

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